The mission of the GCHMCC is to provide assistance and resources to its membership in their effort to mitigate the impact of pollution releases, and to promote maritime security awareness in and along the Ohio River and its surrounding tributaries which affect the Greater Cincinnati Ohio region.

To achieve its mission, the GCHMCC will:

  • Develop concern for spill prevention along the Ohio River and its tributaries affecting the Ohio River.
  • Promote concern for maritime security in the Greater Cincinnati region.
  • Assist members in meeting required drills and exercises by conducting joint drills and exercises.
  • Maintain a supply of spill and clean-up equipment for use by its members.
  • Actively seek to educate and train members on current topics of interest to its membership.

Chairman – Robert Compton

Vice Chairman – Nathan Bond

Treasurer – Shana Connolly

Secretary – Dave Doerger